0 Start: Complete Photography, Post Processing & Photopreneur Bootcamp

Digitalshala Photography workshop india bangalore chennai hyderabad

Next Workshop: 02 & 03 December 2017, Saturday & Sunday. 09.30 AM

Venue: Indira Nagar, Bangalore

Is Photography your dream career? Is Photography your best hobby? Thinking to refine your Photography skills? Looking for upgraded knowledge to refine your photos after they are shot? Want to explore more about your camera, post processing and Commercial Photography Market? Looking for a best combined learning of Photography and complete Post Processing? Want to take your Photography career to next level? Looking for options to Publicize your Photos and make career out of your skills? We bring a complete solution to you. In one word, we make a great Photographer and Photopreneur out of you.

This complete two day full hands-on, practical & No Presentation workshop is for Beginners, Practitioners and  Entrepreneurs in Photography field. We have a new learning for everybody.  The workshop includes many techniques, skill enhancements and further steps which makes you a complete Photographer and Photopreneur by end of the workshop.

How this workshop helps you:

  • This workshop helps you learn Photography, Post Processing end to end
  • You will completely trained in a complete studio experience in detail
  • You can be a full fledged Photopreneur
  • You can start your steps towards commercial Photography
  • You can start a new exciting and creative career in Photography
  • Your Photography hobby takes a new shape and colors
  • Your Photography knowledge is upgraded and refined
  • Confusions in the whole Post Processing architecture will be cleared

Who should attend?

  • Beginners in Photography
  • Photography Hobbyists
  • Practitioners looking for real time upgrades
  • Photographers who want to turn to Photopreneur
  • No Age limit, No Qualifications needed
  • No Prerequisite except your passion

Ticket Prices:
Annivarsary Offer Pass: Rs. 6998/- (Open Now for limited Seats Only)

Regular Pass: Rs. 10,299/-

Timings: 09.30 AM to 04.30 PM

What Workshop offer?

Essential things:

  • Basics of Photography & Foundation Study
  • Exact Science of Photography
  • Modern Photography & Updates
  • How to decide your Niche Genre
  • Introduction to all types of Photography
  • Camera & Accessories buying guide
  • Know your Camera
  • Photography Equipment & Gears Basics
  • The Art of Seeing & Photography Drama
  • Great Picture Production
  • Basics of Camera Technology & Jargons
  • Introduction to DSLRs
  • Handling and Basics of DSLRs

Advanced & Hands On:

  • Introduction to Advanced Camera options
  • Introduction to advanced photography techniques
  • Complete Principles of composition and framing
  • Jargons and Techniques of Modern Photography
  • Techniques of using Aperture
  • White balance, Depth of field
  • Dynamic Range HDR, Picture styles & ISO
  • Exposure override, Panning, Bulb mode, Zoom burst
  • Image Stabilisation & Rule-of-thirds
  • Golden Traingle Rule, Rule-of-Ddds
  • Filters, Metering, Back Button focussing
  • Resolution, Focal length, Focussing
  • Theory of Reciprocity
  • Secrets and Techniques of Photography
  • Techniques to estimate and Produce desired output


  • Introduction to Post Processing
  • Digital processing & Related Science
  • Understanding Camera and Output
  • Building bridge between Raw and Processed Image
  • Fundamentals of Colour Management
  • Different Processing Softwares
  • Choosing Processing tool & Adobe Lightroom
  • Introduction & Understanding  Lightroom
  • Introduction to Adobe Bridge
  • Working with Lightroom and Post Processing
  • Developing photos and Techniques
  • Working with Histogram, Lens corrections
  • Tone curve, Colour Management
  • Noise reduction, Red eye reduction, Filters
  • Hardware calibration & Recommended Settings
  • Photos Printing Guide
  • Storage management for your Photos
  • Hidden Secrets of Adobe Lightroom

Photopreneur Topics:

  • Understanding Photography Market
  • How to enter in to market and options
  • How to choose Photography as a career
  • Career Options & Opportunities as Photographer
  • How to Sell your Photographs
  • How to really make money from your Skill
  • How to start your own Photography agency
  • Building Bridge to Commercial Photography
  • How to find Projects for your Photography skills
  • Tips & Tricks to sell your skill
  • Q&A Session & Much More Real time additions

What you need to bring?

Camera (preferably DSLR), Memory card, Battery, Laptop with Adobe Lightroom (Trial version can be downloaded from Adobe.com), Chargers

Key Takeaways

  • Your Practiced Photos as workshop souvenirs
  • Certificate of Participation & Training from Digitalshala
  • Endorsements on your LinkedIn accounts from Digitalshala.
  • Guide on How to make Career & Money from your Skill
  • Video Tutorials for the techniques discussed.
  • Dedicated Guide for further guidance and any help in future.
  • Life time Membership to Digitalshala Meetups.

About the Trainer

Our trainer handling this workshop, is an Photographer, Photopreneur, Blogger, Trekker, Traveller and most importantly a good story teller, and is experienced in the Photography world for more than 12 years.

Please Note:

  • Please bring a wifi-enabled laptop and a mouse for your comfort.
  • We will provide you Refreshments & Simple, Healthy Lunch.
  • Special arrangements can be made to aged people upon request based on availability.
  • Workshop is confined to Limited Seats only, first come first serve basis.
  • We have ample shaded parking facility at the venue.
  • Feel free to call 080-954 77 222 at any time if you have any doubts or queries.

Terms & Conditions