3 Days: 100% Short Film, Web Series Making & Marketing Bootcamp


Workshop Synopsis
Is Film making your passion? Are you a complete beginner in Short film making? Are you searching for opportunities to learn, Film Making from scratch? Want to learn Short film making, Web Series creation in simple manner and gadgets in budget? Are you interested in Web Series making and Youtube Channels Earnings? Are you looking for learning techniques of marketing, promoting and earning models of short film and web series making?
Confused with long term courses? Then, this Workshop is for YOU. Now, we bring you the opportunity to learn Short Film Making, Web Series Making, Marketing, Earning models directly from Industry experts, with a value creation model for the first time in India in just 3 Days.

Workshop Goals & Highlights:
This Workshop is designed to provide 100% Value creation for the participants on a introductory and essential mode. This 3 Days Workshop is the most intensive, instructional program in film making that can’t be found at any film school. Participants will be rigorously trained on Marketing, Promotion and earning channels for Short film making.
The pace of this 3 Days course is feverish, and participants must be prepared to live and breathe film making for the length of their stay.

Timings: 09.30 AM to 04.30 PM (3 Days)

Workshop Outcomes:
By the end of the course you will be able to learn and do
• Learn techniques for translating your script into Short film
• Learn budgeting and production scheduling
• Learn about casting actors and eliciting the best performance
• Learn visual composition; sound; editing
• Relevant Softwares for the film production
• Promotions for the short films
• Earning Models of the Short Film / Web Series

Who should attend?
Anyone who are
• Interested in Learning Script Writing
• Interested in Short Film Making & Editing
• Interested in Web Series / Documentary Making
• Interested in being part of the Movie Industry
• Passionate about Movies
• Working Professionals
• Students Interested in Film Making
• Complete Beginners who have passion in short film making

You should know basic usage of computers & any camera

Ticket Prices:
Early Bird Offer Pass: Rs. 12,499/- (Now Open. Limited Seats only)
Regular pass: Rs. 24,998/-

Core Modules:
Pre Production:
• Introduction to Short film Industry
• How and where to start Short film making
• Conceptualisation of story & Writing detailed Storyboard
• Funding and Budgeting process for Short films
• Techniques of making Budget Friendly short films
• Scripting of story, steps and techniques
• Screenplay Basics, Requirements and Principles
• Equipment’s & Buying required equipment’s in Budget
• Usage of different types of equipment
• Team Members and Casting Selection
• Production Planning Steps and Work flow
• Production Execution

Post Production:
• Overview of Post Production Workflow and Process
• Organizing steps of Post Production
• Required Technical specifications and knowledge
• Working Raw footage/Unedited Footage handling and Work flow
• Working with Audio Effects (AFX), Software & Techniques
• Working with Video Effects (VFX), Software & Techniques
• Working with Graphics (GFX), Software & Techniques
• Complete Video Editing & Techniques
• Rerecording Process
• Preview & Corrections
• Final Output Rendering

Marketing & Monetization:
• How to design marketing plan for Small Budget Short films
• Designing Marketing Budget and Media Planning
• Brand Creation and Execution
• Working with Trailers and Teasers
• Working with PR and Marketing Channels
• Working with a Website and Traffic
• Working with Causes and Marketing
• Working Social Media Channels (Facebook and Instagram)
• Working with Influencers for marketing
• Using Celebrity & Channel Brand Partnerships
• Persona Marketing, Hash tags and Techniques
• Creating Youtube Channels and Workflow
• Earning from Youtube Channels
• Working with Facebook Advertising
• Working with Short film Distribution Websites
• Long term earning plans from Short films

• Working with Crowd Funding websites to raise funds
• Channels of Raising funds for Documentaries

What you need to bring:
Any good quality Camera (Mobile / DSLR)
Bring your Laptop* (don’t forget your charger)
USB Memory stick (minimum 8GB) or mini-hard drive.

Key Takeaways
• Certificate of Participation
• Video Tutorials, e-Books and other course materials
• Post training support is provided via email and phone
• Access to our database with materials and tools worth Rs. 30K
• Strong foundation in basics of short-film/documentary making
• Fool proof production planning
• Exposure to the nitty gritty of creating high-impact, low-budget video production
• Learning through “Do-it-by-yourself” teaching sessions
• Knowing the tricks of the trade to gain wider audience

About Trainers:
All our trainers are from the industry, with more than a 15 Years of experience as film makers, entrepreneurs and marketers.

Please Note:
• Reach the venue 30 minutes prior to start time as we have many topics to cover.
• We will provide you a simple yet healthy lunch & refreshments
• Limited seats are available in early bird pass category, if available, you can book under this category ASAP to avoid paying more later. (There is no difference between early bird and regular pass in terms of what you get from the workshop)
• Feel free to call 080-954 77 222 at any time if you have any doubts or queries.

Terms & Conditions