About our Workshops

Affordable Learning

Did you Ever thought of attending a Course on a latest technology like Photoshop, Web Designing  etc and could not attend the same as you felt it too costly for you? We at Digitalshala try to make training programs more affordable, we do this by various ways, but never compromise on quality. cropped-13510918_646811762142892_8038985760320751995_n.png

Our trainers are Certified and Highly experienced in their respective technology areas. When you want to learn a new technology, what is your goal? It must be to become an expert in the technology area and deliver your best in the workplace.

We understand your needs and Goal of our all activities is to improve your performance at workplace and create new career opportunities for you. To achieve this, we focus more on hands on experience based on sample projects, because unless you go through a complete project life cycle using a technology, you cannot be confident about using it in your real workplace.

For a latest technology, you need not learn it from its birth which is all theoretical knowledge. We make it even more simple. We make a exhaustive curriculum, where you will be trained from very basics of the technology to a advanced practitioner level. Simply, we start from very basic and go through important techniques and train you on important requirements to become high level practitioner and experts.

We organize meetups every month, only for the participants of the workshops to answer you queries post workshop and enabling further development.

Here is what, you will get from our Workshops

  • Life time Memberships to attend Meetups & Doubt Clarifiaftion sessions post workshop
  • Certification of Participation
  • Access to LMS for Course Materials
  • Take aways with Course Materials, tools and supportive files worth Rs.50k
  • Post Training support through our forum
  • Hands on Training
  • Affordable Fee
  • Explanation with Simple Real life Examples
  • Scenario Based Learning
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Interactive Sessions & Free to Go Sessions

At Digitalshala, you can definitely expect high quality practical training that enables you to implement it at your workplace on the same day ! Come, attend our highly effective and affordable training programs!