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Inbound & Digital Marketing Training
Website Market & Website Creation & Security Training (CMS based)

This corporate digital marketing & website market training program has been designed for high performing  executive, and who are looking to train their employees in digital/social/new media marketing.
Developing a successful digital marketing plan is both an art and science. It involves the in depth knowledge of what is in the plan, how to plan, utilizing the right resources, collaborating marketing skills, effectively communicating the plan, executing it, monitoring it and continuously updating the plan.
Participants of this program get an opportunity to develop core business skills and competencies in various functional areas; this would enable them to handle issues involving cross-functional areas. Eminent faculties of Web Marketing Academy cover the curriculum. Participants involve themselves actively in case studies and discussions, role-plays, hands on training etc.

Program Objectives
This intensive course will look at the key considerations on how to build an online strategy and assess what the future has in store
This course will run through the acquisition tools (Search Engine Optimization, Search Advertisement, Google Ad words, affiliate marketing, content marketing, social media, mobile marketing, display advertising, analytics techniques, web analytics) as well as digital marketing management (web marketing team, in-house, web marketing plan, budgeting)
It will also simplify the technical jargon commonly used in digital marketing such as RSS feeds, canonicalization, tag clouds, social commerce and more…all in a simple, easy to understand way
Provide guidance to think through advanced digital marketing strategies with a global and local perspective

1. Where will the training take place?
We would bring up to date experience anddeliver customized trainings at Your Place.

2. What will be the duration of training programs?
We can design workshops as per the organizations needs. Currently our modules can be delivered in:
1 Day Training Program to 10 Days Training Program

3. What should a company expect from the training program?
– Analysis & Workshops
– Brainstorming sessions
– To the point discussions
– Frameworks for Analysis
– Critical Feedback
– Real time measurements –

4. What is the training methodolgy adopted by Digital Academy?
Our trainers shall customize the delivery methodology based on your teams understanding & your organizations requirement.
Analysis: Audit present campaigns / account using tools.
Workshop: Conduct activities to develop the required frameworks & strategy roadmaps for your team
Training: Live, trainer-led classroom based training
Consultancy: In-depth involvement in the business to form strategy.

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