How this Blogging Workshop helped 1200 People to really Blog?

It was a time, when then names like Blog, Adsense, Youtube Monetization were just new to the internet world. This is when I have decided to pursue blogging. I was in my Engineering and was thinking of a different career, rather than the notion of “Go with the flow”. So, I have started writing about the latest updates and other related information of the engineering universities and colleges. Within 2 months of starting this blog, I have reached to 5 Million subscribers to my email list.

Then I have started with a new blog which is related to travel industry and again reached 3 Million Subscribers in two months.

In the mean time, I got a chance to learn and monetize my blog using various platforms and started earning from the blogs in no time. These two blogs were the foundation of my entire career which has helped me to get in to Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship career.

Now,  I run a agency where we are handling 80+ clients, who are in to blogging and monetization.

Why you need a blog in you life?

This is the time, when I had a thought “If I can do, why not others”.

And, we came up with the workshop “Blogging and Earning in 3 Hours”. So, we have decided, instead of beating around the bush, we will feed the actual techniques and secrets of becoming a blogger in this workshop.

In a span of 2 years, we have trained 1200 successful bloggers and complete beginners.

So, how we are doing this in just 3 Hours.

This Workshop is built on a “Single Line Principle”. This principle is, we will be discussing only one option for all the steps which blogger has to follow. For example, if we say you should use only particular theme for your blog design, you should use particular technique..then participants should be using only that particular option.

We have come up with these techniques after using 1000’s of tools and options. This makes the learning process easier and also effective.

This workshop is also built on a step by step procedure. We will give a cheat sheet where the your complete blogging life in confined to 10 steps. In each step, you will learn what to do.

Right now, blogging industry is so wide open for newbies and we really have huge space here. This workshop helps you fit in to this spaces and establish your blogging and earning career.

Who much you can really earn in a Blog?

If you ask me how much you earned in a blog. I can say, I have earned enough to invest and start my agency and enough to get a regular income. I took a step of quitting 9-5 job. I have also seen bloggers earning along with their day job. You need to start small. But the future is Big. Take you chance now.

Attend our Next Workshop on Blogging and Start it yourself. Check out here to attend our workshop.


The author is one of the trainer of the workshop. He is a blogger for past 10 years and has worked with multiple brands in content marketing. He runs a agency which has footprint over 20+ countries covering 80+ client only in Blogging and  Content Marketing.


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