Youtube and Earning: 5 Hours Crash Online Workshop (Webinar)

youtube earning workshop

Next Workshop: 22 August to 24 August 2018 (3 Days: 08.00 PM to 09.30 PM)

Venue: Online Webinar

Please note: This Workshop is a Webinar and you will be attending from your home through a video session. You can attend through you PC which should have active internet connection and audio output with basic specifications. Complete details will be mailed after registration.

Are your looking for Youtube as an Income? Do you currently have a Youtube Channel and want to market it or want to start it? How does earning some passive income sound? Would you like to know how you can create a Top Videos and make money online? Great this Workshop is for you.
YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, and offers creative individuals the opportunity to earn money from making videos. This workshop will explore how this can work in practice, and what it takes to become a professional YouTube Creator. This Workshop is for aspiring youtubers who want to make their career in Youtube, How to earn from it and more. If you are a youtuber or budding youtuber, you should attend this.

In this Workshop, we will show you how to create a Youtube Channel that brings you in extra income that is more passive than not for months and even years to come. Your Youtube Channel will become the gift that keeps on giving. Before this Passive Income, there is a lot of upfront work required. Thats why in this workshop, we will show you how to travel in the this arena and be done with and then earn income that you can use to pay some bills, stick in an emergency fund or even treat yourself to your favorite (feel in the blank).

This class is suitable for everyone, especially absolute beginners. Created with bite-sized lessons, it is a crash course that will help you learn all about Vlogging before taking the plunge, and even if you dont know what you want to Vlog about yet!

Online Schedule:
3 Days : 5 Hours
All 3 Days from 08.00 PM IST to 09.30 PM IST
Complete details will be mailed after registration

Ticket Price:
Offer Pass: Rs. 1499/-

Who should attend?
School & College Level students
People looking out to earn from their hobbies
Beginners looking for guidance
Working professional and well as job seekers
Professionals looking for a second income
People who want explore this field without any technical knowledge
Anyone looking for a good field to explore (All ages)

What you can do by end of workshop
You will be internet entrepreneur
You will be able to earn from your hobbies
You will be learning the key ways of earning online
You will have your own Vlog and will be Vlogger
You will be able to sell products on your Vlog
Shoot YouTube videos more professionally
Record best voice over without hiring studio
Edit your own recorded video
Create and Manage your own YouTube channel
Optimize and Promote YouTube videos effectively
Learn secret tools of earning online

Core Modules:
Introduction to Earning Online & Why Youtube
Choosing YouTube Video Content
How and Where to start
Introduction Why Content Important?
Planning For YouTube Video Contents
How To Search Right Content For YouTube Video

Types Of YouTube Videos
Introduction, Types Of YouTube Videos
Choosing Right Type Of YouTube Contents
How To Start & How to Work with Video Script

Video / Audio Recording & Editing
Choose Camera Low Budget
How To Choose Best Mic Low Budget
Screen Recording and Voice
How To Make Animated Whiteboard Videos
Video Editing & Process
Where To Find FREE Music & Images For Your Videos

Setting Up YouTube Account
How To Create Your First YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel Home Page
How To Make YouTube Channel Art
YouTube Channel’s Settings Page
About Us Page For YouTube
How To Find YouTube Channel Keywords

Uploading YouTube Videos
Preparations Before Uploading
How To Write SEO Optimized Title Tags For Videos
How To Find SEO Friendly Tags
How To Write A SEO Friendly Descriptions
How To Make Attractive Thumbnail
Uploading Video On YouTube

Earning Money From YouTube Video
Make Your Living From Youtube Videos
What Is Google AdSense
Setting Up Google AdSense Account
How To Link Google AdSense To YouTube Video
Setting Up Bank Account In Google AdSense
Make Money With Affiliate Marketing And YouTube

Marketing Your Channel
Reach More, Connect to Audience & Views
Modes of earning and double earnings
Basics of SEO & Killer SEO Techniques
Driving traffic to your Channel
How to increase Social Media Presence
Selling products on your Channel
Hidden Secrets behind more earnings

Key Takeaways
Complete Video Tutorials for all the techniques discussed.
Official Vlogger Certification from Digitalshala with partnerships
Ebooks for all the topics discussed.
Access to our LMS Website with all the materials for revision and further guidance
Dedicated Guide for further guidance and any help in future

About the Trainer
The trainer handling the workshop, is a Vlogger entrepreneur, digital marketer, web developer, graphic designer, investor and most importantly a good story teller, and is experienced in the digital world for more than 12 years. He is founder of two Advertising agencies and is an active investor in Education and Literacy field.

Please Note:
Workshop is confined to Limited Seats only, first come first serve basis.
Once booking is completed, an email with instructions will be sent
Dont worry about missing a session! You will get a recording of that after workshop
By Booking a Ticket you accept our T&C.